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The US economy is the world’s largest national economy which is 8th highest per capitaGDP It has more than 7,000 universities spread across the 50 states The United States leads the world in scientific research papers. They possess high levels of technological consumer good and almost half of U.S. households have broadband Internet access The United States is one of the world’s most ethnically diverse nations, the product of large scale immigration from many countries. The beauty of USA lies in its multiculturalism; USA is the land of education.

Top Global Universities in the World

The opportunity Why Study in USA

Getting Visa is no bar for right students and an attitude of US Consulate is very positive The United States of America is termed as the best place to study given the research work and level of education

Education in the United States is mainly provided by the public sector, with control and funding coming from three levels: federal, state, and local. Child education is compulsory

Various jobs are available for Engineers, Health care, Health management, IT Industries, Finance, Marketing, H.R.M, Nursing, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Mechanical & Civil Engineers and salary scale is very high compared to other countries

Very rich settlement history. There are thousands of Indians working in top fortune companies like Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Adobe, Intel, Accenture etc….

AiCademy's Comprehensive Services

Guidance and University Selection

We represent 250+ government colleges-universities of USA to provide wide program and college choices.

Prepration for Exams

We help students to prepare for prerequisite exams like TOEFL-iBT, IELTS, GRE, SAT & PTE who are planning for higher education in USA. Even forself-study, we provide our own exclusive course material.

Application Preparation

We help students in preparing for Statement of Purpose, Letter of Recommendation, Professional Resume, documentation guideline fori20 application and Visa interview, Opportunitiesfor getting Scholarship.

Visa Support

Easy to get visa through proper channel & guidelines and attitude of US Consulate is very positive for right students. Apply in more than 150 direct tie-up universities from USA out of those 25 University offers Application Fees WAIVED OFF.

Study Duration

  • Bachelor (Undergraduates):
    4 Years
  • Master (Graduate):
    2 Years
  • MBA:
    2 to 3 Years
  • Intake
    Fall (August)
    Spring (January)
    Summer (May)
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