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Certification Program : Blockchain in Banking and Finance

25 Jun 2021
8 am - 11 am
Blockchain And Finance Program

The Blockchain Revolution in Fintech

The digitization of financial instruments such as digital assets, smart contracts, and programmable money multiplies the benefits of blockchain by providing unprecedented levels of connectivity and programmability between products, services, assets, and holdings. A full transaction history ensures data integrity in a single shared source of truth by digitizing financial instruments. Blockchain supports programmable capabilities to be built into the assets themselves to manage tasks associated with governance, voting and information rights, compliance, and KYC/AML. The automation of processes reduces the potential for errors, delays, and operational and transactional costs, leading to a more transparent, more accountable system. Ultimately, a more streamlined process that reduces costs and aligns stakeholders will lower the cost of capital. This, in turn, will create more liquidity potential and open up possibilities for new digital instruments.

This Course is Being Offered in
Partnership with IBA.

Comprehensive Curriculum

The modules of this course covers all aspects such as innovation journey, customer experience, competitor analysis & strategy, upcoming global business models, emerging technologies such as API, Blockchain, AI/ML, Big Data, IoT & AR/VR.

Industry Partnerships

This program is designed in collaboration with the strong industry partnerships. You can stay abreast with the latest happenings in the industry by accessing resources powered by our knowledge and tech partners like IBA, CB Insights, Tracxn, PWC, Rise Mumbai, Automation Anywhere and more.

Continued Learning

The program helps you get in touch with industry leaders, investors, knowledge experts and investors. You will be a part of a strong community that is constantly learning and growing. The Perpetual Learning Program (PLP) gives you lifetime access to webinars delivered by industry experts. This helps you commit to lifelong learning and upskillng.

Course Fee



42 Hours

Program Start Date

Announcing soon

Blockchain technology & DLT have a massive opportunity to disrupt the $5T+ banking industry by disintermediating the key services that banks provide, including:

  • Payments: By establishing a decentralized ledger for payments (e.g. Bitcoin), blockchain technology could facilitate faster payments at lower fees than banks.
  • Clearance and Settlement Systems: Distributed ledgers can reduce operational costs and bring us closer to real-time transactions between financial institutions.
  • Fundraising: Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are experimenting with a new model of financing that unbundles access to capital from traditional capital-raising services and firms.
  • Securities: By tokenizing traditional securities such as stocks, bonds, and alternative assets — and placing them on public blockchains — blockchain technology could create more efficient, interoperable capital markets.
  • Loans and Credit: By removing the need for gatekeepers in the loan and credit industry, blockchain technology can make it more secure to borrow money and provide lower interest rates.
  • Trade Finance: By replacing the cumbersome, paper-heavy bills of lading process in the trade finance industry, blockchain technology can create more transparency, security, and trust among trade parties globally.
  • Customer KYC and Fraud Prevention: By storing customer information on decentralized blocks, blockchain technology can make it easier and safer to share information between financial institutions.

What Do You Get?

The jobs site scraped those positions which included the keywords
"cryptocurrency," "bitcoin," "ethereum," "blockchain" or "litecoin"
in the body or title. Positions include:


Front End





Full Stack


  • Module 1Introduction To The Functional Finance (60m)
  • Module 2Assimilation Of Finance And Blockchain (60m)
  • Module 3Use Cases In Financial Management (45m)
  • Module 4Introduction To BFSI Fintech (25m)
  • Module 5Cloud Computing And API Economy (45m)
  • Module 6Digital Transformation RPA (25m)
  • Module 7Blockchain Beyond (60m)
  • Module 8Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Big Data (60m)
  • Module 9IOT, Edge Computing XR (60m)
  • Module 10Building Managing A Successful Fintech Startup (60m)
  • Module 11Specialised Modules (60m)

Professional Certificate In Fintech

You will learn extensively through case studies and interactions with industry leaders and entrepreneurs in the Fintech space. The Professional Certification in Fintech is a first of its-kind 100 online program that provides you with in depth exposure to key elements of the Fintech domain

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