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Certification Program : Blockchain in Supplychain

25 Jun 2021
8 am - 11 am
Blockchain And The Supply Chain

The Blockchain Revolution in Fintech

The digitization of financial instruments such as digital assets, smart contracts, and programmable money multiplies the benefits of blockchain by providing unprecedented levels of connectivity and programmability between products, services, assets, and holdings. A full transaction history ensures data integrity in a single shared source of truth by digitizing financial instruments. Blockchain supports programmable capabilities to be built into the assets themselves to manage tasks associated with governance, voting and information rights, compliance, and KYC/AML. The automation of processes reduces the potential for errors, delays, and operational and transactional costs, leading to a more transparent, more accountable system. Ultimately, a more streamlined process that reduces costs and aligns stakeholders will lower the cost of capital. This, in turn, will create more liquidity potential and open up possibilities for new digital instruments.

A gamechanger in the world of supply chain

The blockchain has the potential to transform the supply chain and disrupt the way we produce, market, purchase and consume our goods. The added transparency, traceability and security to the supply chain can go a long way toward making our economies safer and much more reliable by promoting trust and honesty, and preventing the implementation of questionable practices.

Blockchain'value in today's supply chains

In most cases, today's supply chains operate at-scale without blockchain technology. Even so, the technology has excited the IT and supply-chain worlds. It has also inspired many articles and prompted established IT players and start-ups to initiate promising pilot projects, including:

Course Fee



42 Hours

Program Start Date

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Blockchain driven innovations in the supply chain will have the potential to deliver tremendous business value by increasing supply chain transparency, reducing risk, and improving efficiency and overall supply chain management.


Gain greater access to source material to better inform R&D material choice and enable closed loop design


Increase opportunities forcoplanning, and sharing between suppliers and customers, decreasing forecast and associated inventory risk


Decreasing sourcing and admin costs by replacing paperwork with smart contractsand transactions recorded on the blockchain drive "business initiatives" by enabling transparent sourcing


Increase visibility and compliance outsourced manufacturing


Provide regulators and end consumers with a clear picture of all product steps along the supply chain journey


Determine which batch to recall based on information availability, decentralise return merchandise authorization

What Do You Get?

Learning Methodology








practice sessions
on platforms

Prepare for the
blockchain superjobs
of the future

Demand is off the charts for blockchain talent, and the capital is waiting to back it up. More than $3.7 billion has been raised through ICOs in the United States alone. Blockchain-related jobs are the second-fastest growing in today’s labor market; there are now 14 job openings for every one blockchain developer.

Blockchain has topped the list of skills bosses are looking for in employees around the world this year, according to professional social media platform LinkedIn

Blockchain skills will continue to be in demand. According to Deloitte’s 2020 Blockchain Survey, 55% of global respondents said that blockchain was a strategic priority.

As more organizations and industries include blockchain as a strategic priority, there will be explosive growth in demand for enterprise blockchain consultants.
Their jobs will be to support the training and education of enterprises regarding blockchain technology. This will include training the superusers, team
upskilling and empowering executive champions of blockchain.

  • Module 1Technical Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology (60m)
  • Module 2Blockchain Deployment Patterns (60m)
  • Module 3Smart Contracts (45m)
  • Module 4The Potential of Blockchain in Production (25m)
  • Module 5The Possibilities of Blockchain in Supply Chain Management (45m)
  • Module 6Pain points for the Supply Chain (25m)
  • Module 7How can Blockchain Help Supply Chains (60m)
  • Module 8Use case examples of how blockchains are being used in supply chains today (60m)
  • Module 9Compliance and Regulatory Environment (60m)
  • Module 10Barriers to Adoption (60m)
  • Module 11How to prepare an enterprise for blockchain (60m)
  • Module 12Integration of Blockchain with Supply Chain (60m)
  • Module 13Future Ethics & Implication of Blockchain Technology (60m)
  • Module 14Capstone Project (60m)


On successful completion of the program, earn a Certificate of Graduate Program in Blockchain Supply Chain Management from AiCademy certified by FTI, the largest certification body in emerging technologies worldwide. Add the certificate to your CV and improve your job/business prospects.

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