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1.   How do I take a course in AiCademy™ ?


You have to login to AiCademy™ and open the course information page by clicking on the course title then follow the instructions to enroll in the course. The site will direct you to choose the course of your choice.


2.   Do I have to start my course at a certain time? And how long do I have to complete it?


There are no deadlines to determine the start date, the website gives you options to start as it suits your availability and busy schedule.


3.   Is this an accredited institution? Do I receive anything after I complete a course?


Yes you will get a certificate on course completion. Each of the courses provided have individual validity and the certificate will authenticate the same.


4.   Is there any way to preview a course?


Some of the unit outlines can be viewed when you select the course.


5.   How can I pay for a course?

You can choose to pay using any of the merchant facilities available in the country of location or default facilities like Razorpay, Stripe to access your payment gateways. We accept direct or debit card payments enabled by Visa/Master/ Rupay. You can also pay with an authorised UPI or mobile wallets, including Crypto enabled AiCAsh. Please check payonline for details. 


6.   What if I don’t like a course I purchased?


Unfortunately there is no option for refunds once the course has been purchased and material delivered to you. Hence we suggest for you to talk to our student councillors before finalising the course of your choice.


7.   How do I interact with the Tutor?


There are options to talk to your online guide or you can email and they will revert within 24hours. Since the courses chosen may be fully online, you may not get an opportunity to meet the Tutor in person.

8.   How are online classes graded?


The courses are graded based on various criteria that must be completed as part of the online sessions. You will be given directions on the mode of testing before you finalize the course.


9.   Can I interact with other students?


Some of the courses provided are individually based and self paced learning , meaning you may not be able to interact with another student at the same time as yourself. However if there are combined sessions, you will have the option to interact with fellow students.


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